FAQs & Tips


How long does shipping take?

Shipping takes about 3-5 business days after the order is sent out. Please allow 1-2 business days to ship after the order is placed.

Do you allow returns?

Due to the nature of our products, Kalon does not allow returns.



Are Kalon products organic?

Yes. All of our products are USDA certified organic. 

Are Kalon products vegan/cruelty free?

All Kalon products are cruelty free, but the scrub contains honey. Therefore, it cannot be labelled "vegan".

Do you make any nut-free products?

All of our products are made to order and as a result, we can easily accommodate any nut allergies! If you'd like us to exclude nuts from products in your order, please submit your request through the "Contact Us" page. We also recommend doing a patch test to ensure there are no allergies to our products.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although all of our products are organic and chemical free, we recommend using the unscented versions. Essential oils and scented products are not recommended for pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers. 

What is the shelf life on Kalon products?

The shelf-life on most Kalon products is about 3-4 months. If you have any questions about specific products, you can get in touch with us through the "Contact Us" page. 

Does Kalon send product samples?

Kalon does not currently send product samples. We do offer smaller, "trial-like" sizes of larger products but they are not free.



How do I achieve the best results?

Please make sure to follow the directions and apply the butter while your body is still damp. The best results can be achieved by lightly towel drying your body and applying your while your skin is still damp.

What products do you recommend for dry skin?

Our hydrating body polish works amazingly for dry skin. Follow up with our Velvet body butter to lock in the moisture. If you have stubborn dry skin, we highly recommend using the two together. 

What products do you recommend for sensitive skin?

Our Velvet (unscented) body butter contains skin-calming ingredients and is excellent for sensitive skin.  

What's the best way to store Kalon products?

We recommend storing our products in a room-temperature environment. If it's too cold, the products could harden. If it's too warm, the products risk melting or becoming looser/oiler than intended.